Helping 2,629 girls stay in school with sanitary protection & community education

Sep 2018

Village Water

Charity Partner
Our September 1% will help break the taboo of periods, supporting young women stay in school. The money our members have donated will go to six school communities in Zambia. Village Water will train parents, teachers and community leaders in hygiene guidance so they can educate 2,404 boys and 2,629 girls from grade four. They will provide a year supply of sanitary towels for each young woman and teach them to make re-usable towels, supplying all the materials and tools they need including a sewing machine

Village Water is a charity transforming lives in rural Africa through hygiene education, sanitation and safe water. Village Waters work helps families to be healthier so children can go to school more often and adults have more time and energy to farm or earn a living. These are the essential building blocks of community development, the basic ingredients that help all other changes to happen so families can move away from poverty. Since 2004, Village Water has improved health, access to education and opportunity for 500,000 people. Village Water have committed to spend 100% of our members donations on projects in the field.

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