Back to school for 400 children in a refugee settlement in Uganda

Jun 2024

Chance for Childhood

Charity Partner

The Kyaka II refugee settlement in Western Uganda which is home to people fleeing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a community of resilience, but its challenges are undeniable. With limited opportunities for the residents, poverty is widespread and too many children, especially girls and those with disabilities, are missing out on education. But together with Chance for Childhood, we're changing that narrative.

Through your support, we will provide vital school supplies, create tools to identify and support children with disabilities, empower teachers with inclusive education training, and foster a culture of inclusion in the community.

Your generosity will transform lives - 400 vulnerable children will be back in school, 103 educators will be equipped with new skills, and over 6,000 community members will have access to essential training in disability, inclusion, and safeguarding.

Chance for Childhood’s vision is a world where no child is forgotten. They believe that no child should have to fight for a safe, happy childhood, yet millions of children in Africa are out of school, and are often threatened by violence, neglect and conflict. With 30 years of experience in the DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, they specialise in providing access to inclusive education and safe spaces, so that children can play, grow, learn, and thrive, from their early years through to adulthood. This means ensuring that children have their basic needs met, but also tackling the challenge of poverty facing their families.

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