Relatable, aspirational workshops to inspire 200 students in Malawi

Apr 2024

FROM Wales

Charity Partner

In a country where school dropout rates are alarmingly high, your donation is making a significant difference. We’ve partnered with From Wales, a small charity based in rural Malawi where only 8% of kids complete secondary school, to help encourage students by instilling the values of respect, equality, and empowerment.

Armed with essential after-school snacks, From Wales tailor 12-week workshops to cover everything from puberty and contraception to activism and gender roles. They work with the community, tapping into relevant and relatable issues to build a programme which is supportive and aspirational.

The course has already seen dropout rates reduced to almost none, a fall in girls' pregnancies and increased ambition which, over time, will lead to long-term cultural shifts within the community.

Thanks to your April donation, 200 more students will be empowered to build brighter futures for themselves and their community.

FROM Wales predominantly serves one location in Malawi - Madziabango and Nankumba zones in Blantyre Rural. The charity implements needs-based multiple holistic programmes that feed into and complement each other. Supporting communities and the global sustainable development goals on a deep relational and consistent level.

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