Built flood proof toilets for thousand in Bangladesh

Nov 2015

United Purpose

Charity Partner
This project, through our charity partner Concern Universal, will reduce the vulnerability of households to frequent flooding in Kishoreganj District, Bangladesh. Inadequate infrastructure and lack of proper planning in Kishoreganj increases exposure to the impact of floods in and also reduces the ability of communities to recover from the effects of flooding. This has resulted in a high prevalence of diarrhoea (18.5%, as opposed to 7% in mainland regions). This project focuses on improving sanitation and hygiene through building and rehabilitating flood resistant latrines and raised water points. This will decrease the incident of waterborne diseases in the district and enable families to focus on improving their livelihoods. Many families living in Kishoreganj are extremely vulnerable to natural disasters, often lacking access to basic amenities and services including health and education facilities. Lack of sanitation is an issue of significant importance. Households often lack access to closed latrines and safe drinking water leading to a high prevalence of diarrhoea (18.5%, as opposed to 7% in mainland regions). These areas do however offer opportunities to establish new settlements and pursue agricultural activities, including fishing and rice plantation, allowing household livelihood diversification. By ensuring continuous access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities this project increases the resilience of households to frequent flooding. By reducing the burden of ill health that plagues many houses and plunges them deeper into poverty, this project enables families to focus on income enhancing activities. Our funding will build 6 blocks of flood proof latrines, bringing better sanitation and health to over 6,000 people.  

United Purpose, previously known as Concern Universal, is an international development charity with an innovative community-led approach to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals and eradicating global poverty and inequality.   

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