Safe drinking water for 1,609 marginalised people in India

Apr 2023

Frank Water

Charity Partner

This month we’ll be working with Frank Water to provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene to 1,609 people in India.

The Dhar district where this project will take place is a drought-prone, tribal area where the remote community are amongst the most underprivileged groups in the country. Poor sanitation and a lack of knowledge around good hygiene causes waterborne diseases, particularly affecting women and kids. Strains on groundwater resources make farming difficult and add to the cycle of poverty these families face.

Frank Water start with a robust water security plan which is built on data from surveying hundreds of households. This can include measures for groundwater recharge, rainwater harvesting, installing drinking water sources close to people’s homes, construction of toilets, education and capacity building. With the help of the local government they put the plans into action and continue to work in the area for around 5 years, ensuring the solutions in place improve the lives of every family in the community.

Frank Water's vision is of a global water system which can provide everyone, everywhere with access to enough, good-quality water to sustain their livelihoods, protect their health and unlock their potential, which conserves the environment and, at the same time, maintains peace and political stability.

Water security is under threat from population growth and climate change and vulnerable communities are most at risk. Their approach is to enable the world’s most marginalised communities to achieve water security by providing the technical and financial support they need to manage their water resources, gain access to safe sanitation and maintain good hygiene.

They don’t do this in isolation. Instead, they work with policy makers, planners and funders to ensure their contribution is a sensible, useful addition to the existing system.  By doing this, they can reduce water scarcity, alleviate pressure on global water resources and improve equitable, sustainable access to safe water and sanitation. Wherever they can, they make sure their work is scalable to ensure it has maximum impact.

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