Clean water for 20,000

Apr 2021

Village Water

Charity Partner
This month we are partnering with Village Water to make sure no one gets left behind in the goal to give everyone on the planet clean water. We’ll be working in the rural Western Province of Zambia where farming families live near their crops. Traditional well drilling equipment can’t reach isolated locations and knowledge on alternate methods is limited. 49% of the population here don’t have clean water to drink. This project will invest in 4 new well enterprise teams, bringing accessible, affordable safe water and providing income-generating opportunities for local people. The teams will be trained in a range of manual drilling methods and quick fixes to existing water problems as well as business and marketing skills which will help them reach 20,000 people.

Village Water is a charity transforming lives in rural Africa through hygiene education, sanitation and safe water. Village Waters work helps families to be healthier so children can go to school more often and adults have more time and energy to farm or earn a living. These are the essential building blocks of community development, the basic ingredients that help all other changes to happen so families can move away from poverty. Since 2004, Village Water has improved health, access to education and opportunity for 500,000 people. Village Water have committed to spend 100% of our members donations on projects in the field.

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