Giving homeless children in Kenya a safe place to go

Sep 2017

Glad’s House

Charity Partner
Our September 1% will provide a day of respite from the challenges of living on the streets to homeless young people in Kenya, every single Friday for 12 months. We’ll be sponsoring ‘Papasa’ the drop-in centre run by our partner Glad’s House which is open to the homeless children of Mombasa 2-3 days a week. The centre offers a safe space where young people can eat, wash, play sports and take part in creative activities. There are lessons for those who want to return to school and those who want to learn to read and write as well as access to social workers, life skills sessions and counseling. Last year 298 children and young people accessed this support.

Since 2006, Glad’s House has been working with the children of Mombasa, Kenya who are deemed ‘too challenging’ by the rest of society. Their team of social workers, various sports programmes, apprenticeships, drop-in centre and education facilities help young people up to the age of 27 to build a future away from the streets. Glad’s House also work within the prison system and are lobbying the government to prevent children being persecuted and arrested for the ‘crime’ of being homeless.

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