Building a library in Kenya to help homeless young people

Sep 2016

Glad’s House

Charity Partner
Our September 1% will fund a library within a Juvenile Remand Home in Mombasa for 545 children, many of whom have been locked up for living on the streets. With no education facilities available and 3 month sentences often dragged out for a year, the prospects are bleak for the young people who are placed in the home. Our grant will fit and stock a library which the children will have access to five days a week. There they will find fiction, non fiction and school text books as well as a youth worker encouraging them to make the most out of the space and offering further support. Glad's House are lobbying to change the current remand system within Mombasa. We are proud to be working with them on this project and look forward to bringing you updates as the library is built.

Since 2006, Glad’s House has been working with the children of Mombasa, Kenya who are deemed ‘too challenging’ by the rest of society. Their team of social workers, various sports programmes, apprenticeships, drop-in centre and education facilities help young people up to the age of 27 to build a future away from the streets. Glad’s House also work within the prison system and are lobbying the government to prevent children being persecuted and arrested for the ‘crime’ of being homeless.

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