Helping 9,900 farmers adapt to climate change

Oct 2021

United Purpose

Charity Partner
Our October 1% will help 9,900 subsistence farmers in the drought-prone Sahel region of Senegal to adapt their farming practices in the face of climate change. Climate change is escalating food shortages and malnutrition in this already poor region where 75% of local families suffer chronic poverty. This project will focus on Fulani cattle herders and female farmers including Fulani women, who face added disadvantages due to their ethnicity and gender. Our partners United Purpose are working with Cranfield University, Barfoots and the Société de Cultures Légumières and SNF (a leading polymer manufacturer) in a trial of new soil and water management techniques to help farmers’ stop land degradation, building resilience for the future. Our funding will be used to spread the word using innovative communication methods as well as one-to-one mentoring to encourage an estimated 9,900 farmers to take up these techniques. A free phone system will be set to send farmers alerts with information relevant to their particular crops. It will use SMS voice messaging, so they won't need internet, a smart phone, phone credit or any level of literacy. Radio broadcasts about soil management will also be shared in local languages on community radio stations.

United Purpose, previously known as Concern Universal, is an international development charity with an innovative community-led approach to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals and eradicating global poverty and inequality.   

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