Giving 1% will plant over 5,000 trees in Benin

Nov 2013

Self Help Africa

Charity Partner
This months charity partner Self Help Africa is supporting smallholder farmers and working with them to adopt modern climate-smart practices and to develop sustainable food production businesses. This project will support 1,200 farmers in the Tourou and Daringa districts of Benin to help them to improve their production of cashew nuts in a sustainable way. The project activities will include: - the supply and planting of cashew trees- training in sustainable agriculture techniques to mitigate the effects of climate change. In addition to providing a source of income, the planting of trees will also have a positive impact on the environment by helping to reduce soil erosion and absorbing carbon dioxide. - training in agronomic practices for planting seedlings, improving soil fertility, tree and orchard management- establishment of tree nurseries to ensure supply of good quality planting material. Our funding will plant 5,000 trees establishing 5 tree nurseries bringing economic and environmental benefit to the farming communities.

Self Help Africa helps people in rural Africa grow enough food to feed themselves, earn a living, and access basic services. Self Help Africa equips people with the skills they need to move out of poverty by training farmers in new techniques and teaching basic business skills. Be One Percent via Self Help Africa have supported tree nurseries, planting over 8000 trees and set up Microfinance initiatives providing 12,000 women in Uganda with savings and small business loan facilities.

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