Protecting 8,800 people from Malaria as they sleep at night with long-lasting insecticide nets

May 2018

Against Malaria

Charity Partner
Our May 1% will buy malaria nets for 8,800 people with Against Malaria. That’s providing net coverage to 17 entire villages! Each net lasts three years so we'll be providing over 8 million nights of sleep, safe from the bites of disease-carrying mosquitoes that would otherwise cause severe illness, or worse. Malaria kills half a million people every year and 400 million fall ill. Before bed nets were made available, it was three or more times that. Nets are a proven intervention – a more effective a way of saving lives than any other.

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is GiveWellGiving What We Can and The Life You Can Save’s top-ranked charity and has been for twelve  years. AMF is frequently described as the global Effective Altruism movement’s #1 charity given the top-billing it achieves year after year judged on impact and effectiveness. AMF’s running costs (which are small as a result of the extraordinary efficiency with which AMF operates, and which are ~1% of revenues each year) are funded independently meaning 100% of public donations buys nets. Nets are distributed though carefully selected partner organisations with high levels of data-driven accountability and transparency accompanying each net distribution. Be One Percent’s donations to AMF, and the specific net distributions they fund, are shown here. Donations welcome!

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