Taking 75 girls off the streets

Mar 2021

Hope for Justice

Charity Partner
Hope for Justice exists to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims and reforming society. Our grant this month will help them rebuild the lives of 75 young victims of trafficking in Uganda. The movement of rural children to cities and towns puts them at huge risk. They arrive with no shelter, protection, food, health care or education and are vulnerable to both child labour and sexual exploitation. Hope for Justice offer a holistic approach to this problem. They are working in Kampala to give vulnerable girls access to services and support those who have been exploited. Our 1% this month will pay for 75 girls to go through their ‘Lighthouse’ project. Lighthouses are safe places for children to stay where they can work to overcome their trauma, restore their lives and prepare for reintegration. They can access catch-up education, medical care and referrals, life-skills sessions, vocational training and counselling so they don’t remain trapped in a cycle of poverty, exploitation and abuse of their rights.

Hope for Justice is a global organisation implementing anti-slavery programmes in 32 locations, across five continents in nine countries - Ethiopia, Cambodia, Norway, Uganda, USA, UK, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Australia. Hope for Justice operates a proven multi-disciplinary model based on the principles of social justice, which puts the beneficiary at the core of any intervention. Their theory of change is based on the understanding that modern slavery is a complex issue, and thus requires a multi-dimensional approach. The team works on the frontlines fighting modern slavery and their activities include preventing slavery, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.  Hope for Justice has committed to ring fencing 100% of Be One Percent funding for projects on the grounds.

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