Reaching 4,800 people in rural Kenya with mobile health clinics and backpack nurses

Mar 2020

CHASE Africa

Charity Partner
Our March 1% will help rural communities in Kenya access vital healthcare and family planning. CHASE Africa run mobile clinics which provide free basic healthcare, vaccinations, de-worming, HIV counselling and testing, cancer screening and voluntary family planning service giving women a chance to decide the number of children they want and the spacing of their births when otherwise they would have none. The £7,067.77 raised by our members this month will fund 5 mobile clinics for 6 months with support from backpack nurses who will take the services into the community. This should reach 4,000 people for healthcare and 800 for family planning.

CHASE Africa works to enable women and men in fragile rural environments to access basic healthcare, and to empower them to choose the timing, number and spacing of their children. Modern family planning is arguably one of the greatest public health achievements of the last century. It enables couples to choose the timing, number and spacing of children, and can prevent pregnancy and birth complications that are a leading cause of death for women in developing countries. However, over 1 in 5 women in Africa are unable to choose the number and timings of births. We seek to enable women to realise their rights, averting unintended pregnancies. We work through carefully selected local partners and in collaboration with the National Ministry of Health to design, develop and deliver our programmes, which integrate basic community health (including family planning) and natural resource management. CHASE Africa have agreed to ring fence 100% of our grant towards their in-country work.

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