Helping 200 single mothers in Sierra Leone

Jun 2022

Practical Tools Initiative

Charity Partner
Our June 1% is helping single mothers in Sierra Leone. Partnering with Practical Tools Initiative who are the largest NGO in Sierra Leone, this month we are helping 200 single mothers and poorer women gain income generating self reliant skills. Providing appropriate tools and support for each single parent, this will allow them to set up their own independent small business. The skills training will include cloth making, tailoring and soap making and will run for 12 months that will involve systematic recruitment, training and support services.  

Practical Tools Initiative is a voluntary organisation set up to collect, refurbish, and send used tools to deprived post-war communities for social and economic rehabilitation. The organisation aims to provide practical support to trained and skilled people in communities for the purpose of income generation, employment development and community reintegration. The organisation also provides learning materials for local schools, and mobility aid such as wheelchairs and crutches for disabled people.

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