Beating period poverty for 6,000 girls in Uganda

Jul 2023

Irise International

Charity Partner

Your July ‘subscription to positive change’ will offer 6,000 vulnerable school girls the products, knowledge and confidence they need to manage puberty and their periods.

We’ll be partnering with Irise international, working in the Nakivale refugee settlement in Southern Uganda where over half the girls skip school when they get their period.

The money you have given will allow the community to fix up the loos with new locks and better lighting. It will fund access to menstrual products for over 6,000 and it will pay for a programme which will help the whole school change their attitudes towards menstruation.

Girls who stay in school earn more, marry later, lead healthier lives and contribute significantly more to the economic development of their community and country.

Irise International support women and girls to overcome period inequality. Driven by evidence, Irise work in the UK and East Africa uniting young people held back by their periods with their allies to create change in their own communities and in wider society.

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