77 educational scholarships for former exploited textile workers in south India

Jul 2020


Charity Partner
Our July 1% will fund 77 scholarships for young women who have left exploitative work in South India's spinning mills and garment factories. Girls as young as fourteen from the region's poorest families are lured to work long hours in Tamil Nadu's textile industry facing dangerous and unhealthy conditions and vulnerable to abuse and sexual assault all under the guise of a 3 year 'apprenticeship'. These conditions lead to deteriorating health meaning the programme is often abandoned and the money promised, which parents count on to cover their daughters’ wedding dowries, never paid out. The scheme is now illegal but continues in all but name. Our newest charity partner, TRAID are working with READ to find opportunities for former workers to build a life away from the factories and mills. We’re proud to be part of this work. Our July 1% will fund 77 one-year scholarships in private colleges at A-level equivalent. Scholarships are awarded to those most in need including orphans or those with only one parent or girls from a family with very meagre income, offering an alternative to textile work which would improve the social standing and prospects of the whole family.

TRAID is a UK charity working to tackle and solve the problems caused by producing, consuming and disposing of clothes. We keep clothes in use for longer by providing the UK public with convenient ways to reuse clothes (free home collections, clothes reuse banks and charity shops) and deliver education to raise awareness of the socio-environmental benefits of reducing our clothing footprint. TRAID commits the funds raised to global projects benefitting the people and places making our clothes. From supporting cotton farmers to grow organic to supporting retailers to eliminate child labour in their supply chains. TRAID have committed to spending 100% of Be One Percent donations on projects on the ground.

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