The gift of sight for 10,000 people

Jan 2021


Charity Partner
An estimated 300 million people in India need glasses but cannot afford them. The result is that children cannot learn and adults cannot work. OneDollarGlasses use innovative engineering and a simple supply chain to get glasses to some of the people who need them worldwide. The brainchild of ex teacher Martin Aufmuth, these specs are attractive, virtually indestructible and can be made to spec within a matter of minutes. Materials to make a pair cost less than $1 and the ‘factory’ fits into 30cm cube. In the rural areas of Odisha many families live on the poverty line and there is no ophthalmological care. Here, OneDollarGlasses hold eye camps in villages, pop-up opticians offering locals a free eye exam and the chance to buy prescription glasses they can afford. Our 1% will fund a motorcycle with loudspeaker, petrol for a year and employ a driver to publicise the eye camp. This will encourage 100 people a day to have a free eye exam, 30 of which (10,000 a year!) will have their vision transformed with affordable glasses with 15 referred to a hospital for cataract surgery.

Over 700 million people worldwide need a pair of glasses but can't afford them. These people - many of whom live on a dollar a day or less - don't have the money to spare. The estimated loss of income caused by this fact is valued at about $200 billion per year. Adults cannot work to provide the basic needs of their families and students are unable to learn at school due to their weak eyesight. The solution? OneDollarGlasses. The materials needed to make a pair cost less than $1 and the glasses themselves consist of a lightweight, flexible spring steel frame with prefab lenses which and can be manufactured anywhere using a simple bending machine. To bring affordable glasses to communities OneDollarGlasses depend on donations. New bending machines have to be bought, components for glasses must be pre-financed and on-site training organised to develop a sustainable social enterprise.

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