Planting 11,000 trees within a community in Malawi for sustainable change

Jan 2020

Fisherman’s Rest

Charity Partner
Our January 1% will plant 11,000 trees within a community in Malawi and leave a lasting legacy to prevent against deforestation. Our partners Fisherman's Rest live and work with the community. At household level they will supply 60 families with 100 seedlings to plant a diverse and sustainable private woodlot and construct and use a clay cookstove which uses 70% less wood than traditional cooking methods. The project will also benefit the greater community with the development of a 'protected forest’ nursery for everyone to use with 5,000 seedlings, a wheelbarrow, shovels, hoes and an all important watering can. This action will be supported through Primary School and adult education within the community of 500 + individuals.

Fisherman’s Rest Community projects is a Charity in Malawi working and living alongside communities. Supporting families through friendship, education, infrastructure and providing opportunities for people to make positive change. Projects include building libraries, classrooms and secondary schools; girls support and education; Re-forestation, School breakfasts and water pump repairs. In Malawi a football pitch worth of trees are chopped down every ten minutes, as a society who rely on wood for fuel, Malawi is facing a fast approaching crisis. The tree project works at household level, providing education on conservation and how to grow and keep sustainable and diverse woodlots. The project then supports families through trees and guidance in creating their personal woodlots and through the building of a fuel efficient stove. The project goal is to protect and restore the environment and enable people to provide their families basic needs as well as additional income for their households with a sustainable woodlot.

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