32 life changing loans for small businesses

Feb 2019


Charity Partner
Our February 1% will help 32 entrepreneurs grow their small business with a life changing loan that will benefit themselves and 160 people around them. Since 2013 we have been working with Deki to deliver micro-loans (small loans of £30-£400) to some of the world’s most marginalised people, helping them to work their way out of poverty. In this time we have invested nearly £60,000 with Deki. This has delivered 1,251 loans of life changing loans, to the value of £200,000 in seven countries including Togo, South Sudan and Uganda. The work is specifically focused in countries where women face huge barriers to financial inclusion due to gender inequality. This is tackled by ensuring nearly 80% of loans made are to women, as well as providing a wide variety of business, social and educational training to every loan recipient. Our February 1% will be added to our lending pot and once it is repaid from the originally recipients, it will be recycled to help even more businesses flourish.

Deki tackles the root cause of poverty by providing ethical micro loans at grass roots level, coupled with business management and financial literacy training, as well as community development activities. They work in rural and hard to reach areas with those who are excluded from traditional financial services and the training that they need to develop sustainable livelihoods, become financially resilient and create brighter futures for the next generation They deliver projects that focus on sustainable change by helping people to help themselves. These include women's empowerment workshops, youth support programmes and health initiatives giving communities access to health care through affordable health insurance.

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