Improving maternal health and reducing malnutrition for 1,000 women and their children in Nepal

Dec 2021

PHASE Worldwide

Charity Partner
This month we are working with a new partner, PHASE Worldwide and our 1% will help support their programme focusing on integrated nutrition, health and agriculture which is designed to achieve ‘improving maternal health and reducing malnutrition for 1,000 women and their children’. Bajura is one of the most remote areas of Nepal, largely without roads and limited access to income generation, as well as displaced communities making it one of the poorest nations in the world. Women living in Bajura face complex challenges such as high levels of food insecurity, lack of quality food and of course quantity, challenging farming conditions and only 8% of beneficiaries can produce enough food for 9-12 months. Women are trapped in subsistence farming due to lack of empowerment, training, and agricultural materials.  This project will ensure that women will be involved as active participants in leadership and decision-making. Social Mobilisers will support beneficiary selection and Agricultural Technicians will empower Female Farmers by promoting gender equality, plus achieving their potential by offering technical support as well as strengthening the female economic independence by increasing their income. Agricultural interventions have been sustainably designed to increase the resilience of beneficiaries to changing climates and extreme weather patterns. Materials for farming are low-tech, robust, and last years. Phase Worldwide's vision is that they believe that everyone, everywhere, even in the most remote places in the world should have access to primary healthcare, basic education and livelihoods opportunities.    

PHASE Worldwide’s journey started in 2005. Since then, with our partners, we’ve changed many thousands of lives in Nepal through our health, education and livelihoods work. Learn more about who we are and why we do what we do.

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