Building a hand-dug well for a remote community in Ethiopia

Nov 2016

charity: water

Charity Partner
Our November pot will be combined with the funds raised in June and used to bring clean water to 292 people! We’ll be paying for a hand-dug well for a community of 200 in Ethiopia and, because we exceeded our goal (!!), funding projects which will benefit another 92 people living in communities without drinking water. Since 2015, Ethiopia has been facing its worst drought of the past thirty years, leaving more than 50 million people in rural areas without access to clean and safe water. Our 1% will provide a remote community in Tigray, Ethiopia with a hand-dug well to provide a safe and reliable water source. Hand-dug wells are constructed in areas with soft ground matter such as gravel, sand or clay, and the wells typically collect water between 15 - 100 feet below ground. The dedicated involvement of communities throughout the implementation process instills a strong sense of ownership over their water point. charity: water are our partner on this project and they will be supplying updates (including GPS coordinates) as it develops so stay tuned!

charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of all public donations directly fund water project costs. charity: water prove every donation using photos and GPS coordinates on Google Maps.

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