Raised enough in the last month to protect over 6,250 people against malaria

Apr 2014

Against Malaria

Charity Partner
Over April we have raised £5,644.30 for Malaria Nets with The Against Malaria Foundaiton. This will be enough to buy 3,135 nets and protect over 6,250 people against malaria. This is the 3rd year Be One Percent has donated to Against Malaria. In total we have now donated enough to buy 5,707 nets meaning our collective donations will be protecting over 10,000 people Against Malaria. These nets will be distributed in Malawi and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The most effective means of preventing malaria is sleeping under a mosquito net, specifically a long-lasting insecticide treated net (LLIN). With manufacturing costs coming down, each net costs around £1.80, lasts for 3-4 years, and protects, on average, two people. The statistics are well known given the scale of the problem. Every 50-250 nets we put over heads and beds, one child doesn't die. Every single net matters!  

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is GiveWellGiving What We Can and The Life You Can Save’s top-ranked charity and has been for twelve  years. AMF is frequently described as the global Effective Altruism movement’s #1 charity given the top-billing it achieves year after year judged on impact and effectiveness. AMF’s running costs (which are small as a result of the extraordinary efficiency with which AMF operates, and which are ~1% of revenues each year) are funded independently meaning 100% of public donations buys nets. Nets are distributed though carefully selected partner organisations with high levels of data-driven accountability and transparency accompanying each net distribution. Be One Percent’s donations to AMF, and the specific net distributions they fund, are shown here. Donations welcome!

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